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March 17 2015 by Coordination Team
The World Bank has a question; how can it improve its Science of Delivery? The Science of Delivery means "to learn better and adapt more quickly when things work well or when they don't work well and take some of the lessons of that learning and apply them elsewhere." And this comes with structural reforms as well as a change of culture. "We are quite excited about it", said Jeffrey Lewis, Chief Economist of the Global Practices at the World Bank.
February 12 2015 by Coordination Team
When development partners met in Busan, South Korea in 2011, one of their aims was to make aid more effective. The event launched the Global Partnership for Effective Development and Cooperation, underpinned by the principles of country ownership, focus on results, inclusive partnerships, transparency and accountability. The EU also committed to Joint Programming, where donors ensure they are targeting complementary sectors, such as education, health or infrastructure. Over three years later, this effort is well underway.
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January 29 2014 by Coordination Team
The European Commission is increasingly using a mechanism known as ‘Blending’ to bring public and private sector resources together with donor assistance to meet some of the biggest investment needs in developing countries.
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May 17 2013 by Coordination Team
In Brussels on May 15th 2013, an international donor conference, organised by the European Union and France together with Mali and entitled “Together for a new Mali”, mobilised €3.25 billion of financial commitments and pledges for that country. looks at how it has been possible for the EU Delegation to Mali to continue to carry out development projects in the face of a security crisis.
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February 13 2013 by Coordination Team
Budget Support comprises around 20% of the European Union’s aid to partner countries, with 125 ongoing operations in more than 80 countries. New Guidelines provide improved levels of safety and transparency in its application.
October 24 2012 by Coordination Team
The European Commission, together with local authorities and experts, agrees on the political nature of decentralisation and recognises local authorities’ crucial role in multi-actor dialogue processes and domestic accountability.
September 11 2012 by Coordination Team
The Communication on the Future Approach to Budget Support announces that EuropeAid has developed a new Risk Management Framework for budget support operations.  Lars Wilke of EuropeAid A2 introduces the new concept and explains how to use it.
June 12 2012 by Coordination Team
Donors face monumental challenges in delivering aid and effective cooperation with the world’s newest country South Sudan, which, after two decades of civil conflict, has extreme capacity shortages.
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January 31 2012 by Coordination Team
As the European Commission prepares a new Communication on the involvement of civil society organisations in EC development cooperation, delegates at a recent Brussels meeting called on the European Commission to continue the dialogue with such entities and improve their involvement in EU aid delivery mechanisms.
December 21 2011 by Coordination Team
A new online application is available, putting The Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for European Union External Actions, known as The PRAG, online in an easy to use format and we’ve made an instructional video on how to use it.
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