What is the Way Forward for the EU in Africa?

It is an online knowledge sharing and collaboration platform set-up by Susa Dione Ngole Epie spse Epiepang. It is a platform for the lovers of the EU Commission and to better express through this medium, their many lucrative thoughts on how much EU can be of help to Africa especially in the various domains of Agriculture, Economic and Finance, Democracy and Good Governance, Health and Refugees. Contributions shall be welcomed from partner countries, other donors, academics and civil society representatives etc., to exchange information and share ideas and experience online.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a professional interest in development, aid and cooperation issues is welcome and encouraged to sign up to Way Forward for the EU in Africa. With the much that the EU is doing, special emphasis is needed in specific areas. Express your good intentions and help EU go forward in its effort of helping Africa, though Africa is not a member country.

You can read from hundreds of "Voices and Views" posted regularly on the homepage and the topic pages, and – if you are registered - comment on these. You are also encouraged to write your own stories which could be selected by the Capacity4dev coordination team to feature on the homepage. Registered members can also share ideas, knowledge, resources, events or documents with peers participating in existing online working groups, or create their own.

Is this official EC information?

The information you read on this site is provided by members of The Way Forward for the EU in Africa. The content and any opinions expressed do not constitute the official view of the European Commission, and are not binding in any way. 

I am an EC official, can I post here?

Yes. Posting on The Way Forward for the EU in Africa, is just like taking part in any other public event where you are a representative of the Commission. So remember:

- the Commission's position is the point of departure

- have a clear frame of reference in terms of subject matter

- maintain objectivity, impartiality and loyalty to the institutions

- be sure not to divulgence information that is not yet public

 Who has the copyright?

The content on this website is free of copyright except if stated otherwise. Nevertheless, we require that you cite the author of the content, the source as The Way Forward for the EU in Africa, respect the original format and include a link to the content. Material is not intended for commercial use. 

Are there any rules for users?

Yes. This is a site for professionals. Help us to keep free of spam, junk and inappropriate content.