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UNEP Roundtable launch for 3rd Emissions Gap Report


UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report series aims to inform governments and the wider community on how far the response to climate change has progressed over the past 12 months, and thus how far the world is on track to meet wider goals. You can access the first and second reports by clicking the respective links.

We would like to invite you to a roundtable discussion for the launch of UNEP’s 3rd Emissions Gap Report in the week prior to the COP18 Climate Change Conference in Doha. 

  • Mr. Nick Nuttall, UNEP Spokesperson and Acting Director of Communications (Moderator)
  • Mr. Artur Runge-Metzger, DG Climate Action Director International & Climate Strategy
  • Ms. Merlyn Van-Voore, UNEP Division for Technology, Industry and Economics
  • Ms. Delia Villagrasa, Senior Advisor Climate Change Diplomacy, European Climate Foundation
  • Followed by Q&A discussion

The event is set for Thursday 22 November 2012 at the UN House, Rue Montoyer 14, Brussels between 10:30-12:00. We invite you to arrive early for tea & coffee from 10:00.

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Gap report side events at COP18 in Doha









EU Pavilion Room 2

The emissions gap, its implications and policy solutions for bridging the gap                                 

UNEP’s new "Emissions Gap Report 2012", which reviews and summarises the latest scientific studies on the “emissions gap” and how it can be bridged is presented. A discussion will follow involving a panel of negotiators and policy makers on the report’s implications for global climate policy and negotiations.




Side Event Room 2

The emissions gap, its implications and policy solutions


The side event is organized to present UNEP’s Emissions Gap report 2012. The report reviews and summarizes the latest scientific literature on the emission gap between the current commitments and pledges for emission reduction and pathways consistent with the 2 degree goal.

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This event is organised by: UNEP

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