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January 29 2016 by Coordination Team
If you have ever been to Honduras, you will know that it is one of the greenest countries in Central America. Forestry has had a long history there and continues to be an important source of energy for the impoverished rural population, as well as maintaining a biologically diverse ecosystem. Over 50 percent of the country is covered in forests, which are also home to indigenous peoples.
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January 22 2016 by Coordination Team
The inclusion of disability in the Sustainable Development Goals is a breakthrough for the billion people around the world who experience some form of disability. Four-fifths live in developing countries, and although they are amongst the poorest, they often find their needs ignored by local governments and aid programmes alike. The challenge ahead for the EU and its partners is to bring the spirit of the SDGs into the detail of aid programming.
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January 13 2016 by Coordination Team
Trade is an increasingly international business, but not all countries are able fully to take part. Products must meet exacting international standards, which can be a barrier to trade for countries without adequate infrastructure, regulations, quality testing and certification. They are working with the EU to address these issues and help exporters to thrive.
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January 6 2016 by Coordination Team
435 views reviews the most popular Voices & Views in 2015, a landmark year for development with several key events taking place as well as the International Year of Evaluation and the European Year for Development.
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January 4 2016 by Coordination Team
Looking back on the European Year for Development, we highlight some of the projects which strived to increase EU citizens’ awareness of and engagement in development issues. From sustainable consumption and tax justice to living wages for garment workers, the projects help attain the goals of the first ever European Year dedicated to external affairs. 
Article relevant to the topics: Communicating Developement Cooperation
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