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July 3 2015 by Coordination Team
Whether helping to foster democracy in the Middle East, teaching adolescents about sexually transmitted diseases in Russia, or denouncing domestic violence in the Solomon Islands, the links between cultural expression and the development agenda are many and varied.
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June 25 2015 by Coordination Team
The idea of “sustainable” development seems here to stay, but what does unsustainable development look like? Three members of the senior management team at the United Nations Environment Programme shared their views on how to consume sustainably, how to measure the success of the Sustainable Development Goals, and why development can sometimes occur in the wrong areas.
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June 12 2015 by Coordination Team
Twelve years after the European Union launched a plan to tackle illegal logging, independent evaluators are assessing progress and shortcomings. Their findings could contribute to the definition of any future EU forest policy.
June 5 2015 by Coordination Team
“One of the most important messages that I have today is that we need to understand that the life of a conflict is much longer than it seems on the surface. That’s why we have to listen to the first signs. Whether it is a conflict, a disease, or a humanitarian crisis. We pay such a huge price of waiting so long [to act],” said Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.
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May 27 2015 by Coordination Team
“We are now in the fourth year of the Syria crisis and we can see that there is not only a host community fatigue [in Lebanon], but also a donor’s fatigue,” said Emily Jacquard, Director of Search for Common Ground’s Lebanon country office. “We are facing a decrease of funding. Now more than ever, local and international actors need to come together to share resources, knowledge and cross fertilise.”
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Le projet "Formation initiale et continue des opérateurs et acteurs d'électrification rurale en Afrique de l'Ouest" est un programme européen qui a pour vocation d'identifier, avec les acteurs locaux, les besoins en formation et de construire une offre adaptée à leur demande....
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