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EU intervention in water and sanitation covers basic infrastructure, support to water and sanitation policy development, capacity building and integrated water resource management. This topic covers a wide range of issues relevant to the sector, such as water and climate change, integrated water resource management, river basins development, sector policies, financing water and sanitation and other challenges.



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November 17 2016 by Coordination Team
The role of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in tackling undernutrition has been on development and humanitarian professionals’ radar for more than two decades. Yet fully multi-sectoral approaches remain rare, despite undernutrition contributing to 860,000 preventable deaths a year in girls and boys under five. Ahead of World Toilet Day, marked each 19 November, experts and practitioners discuss how to turn this around by linking nutrition and WASH policies and implementation and overcoming barriers between sectors.
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December 23 2013 by Coordination Team
In Malawi, a remarkable European Investment Bank (EIB)-led collaboration, involving the Government, the European Union (EU), international NGOs and local partners, highlights how a combination of flexible finance, technical and capacity development assistance plus local know-how can lead to project success, while safe-guarding the environment.
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February 22 2013 by Coordination Team
EuropeAid supports capacity development of its staff by providing Methodological Training and seminars in subjects ranging from Policy Dialogue to Aid Effectiveness, Budget Support to Green Economy. Trainings and seminars, held in Brussels and in Delegation, are open to EC/EEAS staff and, in some instances, to participants from partner organisations and governments.
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January 25 2013 by Coordination Team
Renee Zandvliet, working with EuropeAid’s 'Civil Society and Local Authorities' unit, recently visited the European Union (EU) Delegation to India, which currently provides financial support to approximately 80 civil society organisations (CSOs).
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May 24 2012 by Coordination Team
The ACP-EU Water Facility is one of the key results of the European Union Water Initiative, an international political initiative in place since 2002. Andre Liebaert, Water Policy Officer at EuropeAid, highlights important themes that affect water management, focusing on the Niger River.
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September 2 2011 by Coordination Team
In Kenya, nearly 60% of Nairobi's population live in slums. In the Mukuru slum, in the East of Nairobi, an EU funded project is helping to improve the health status of residents through the provision of water and sanitation facilities.
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November 9 2010 by Coordination Team
When the children of Inyima in southeast Nigeria began to fall sick and die, villagers were horrified to learn that their own poor hygiene practices had contaminated the community’s drinking water, causing a deadly diarrhoea outbreak.
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March 11 2010 by Coordination Team
How can we bring the principles of the Backbone Strategy on Technical Cooperation Reform into supporting infrastructure programmes? How can we be Backbone-minded? These were the themes of a recent internal session at EuropeAid headquarters. AIDCO Unit E7, which is in charge of quality assurance on transport, water, energy and urban development programmes, organised the internal session on how to bring The Backbone Strategy into daily operations.
May 27 2009 by Coordination Team
Donors struggle to translate policies on governance to practical actions in the field. One promising avenue for improvement leads donors to pay more careful attention to governance in sectors. To help in this journey, EuropeAid has developed and published a guidance tool for its staff that has already picked up internal and external attention.
May 26 2009 by Coordination Team
For almost two decades, a collapsed government and battling warlords have made Somalia a byword for anarchy.

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