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This topic covers a wide range of issues related to the EU commitment to protect and promote health as a human right for all in the frame of the EC external cooperation. Support to the building of competent health systems, accessibility to basic health services, equity and solidarity values are just some of the principles guiding this cooperation. Maternal and child mortality, the crisis of human resources in the health sector, poverty related diseases and other issues may be addresssed under this topic.

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March 3 2015 by Coordination Team
Meet Judith Muntahli. She was born in 1977 in Ilenga, a village in the Isoka district of Muchinga Province in the far north of Zambia. She and her husband are subsistence farmers with nine children. During her first pregnancy, Judith (pictured below) was bitten by a snake. But by the time she got to the hospital, infection had set in and her leg had to be amputated. With no access to contraception, Judith carried nine more pregnancies on one leg using crutches. Sadly, her 10th child died when he was a month old. 
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December 22 2014 by Coordination Team
The Ebola epidemic has taken many lives, breaking up families and leaving numerous children parentless. But it has also left its mark on the economies of affected countries. In Sierra Leone it has more or less ‘destroyed’ the economy, disrupting all key sectors including agriculture, mining and tourism. Donor support has been too slow to arrive and has not ‘kept pace’ with the disease, according to Alimamy Bangura, Director of the Economic Policy and Research Unit at Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Finance.
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December 17 2014 by Coordination Team
In May this year the first case of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) was reported in Sierra Leone. Little did we know at that time the major impact this would have on both our programmes and the wider context in which we work. For example, what do you do with your Education programme when schools are closed indefinitely?
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December 9 2014 by Coordination Team
The Ebola outbreak has already taken many lives in Western Africa, and the long-term economic consequences for affected countries are likely to be dramatic. Such crises can easily spiral out of control and affect other parts of the world, including the European Union. So, what is the EU doing to address this major health crisis? And what can we learn from it in order to avoid facing a similar situation in the future?
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September 26 2014 by Coordination Team
Eric Turyasingura chases after a ball made from plastic bags outside his mud-brick home in the mountains of southern Uganda. Yelling in his tribal tongue, Nkore, “Arsenal with the ball! Arsenal with the ball!” he jostles with his younger brothers for possession. The fame of the English soccer club has reached even his little ears. Pretending to be a sports’ star offers a moment of escape from his daily struggles. At five years old, Eric’s tiny body already tells a story of poverty and lost opportunity.
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June 5 2014 by Coordination Team
Roger Martin, chairman of the UK charity Population Matters, says human beings’ impact on the environment depends on two factors: the average ecological footprint of each person, multiplied by the number of people. While the world focuses on how to reduce the former, Mr Martin believes scant attention is being paid to the latter. 
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May 23 2014 by Coordination Team
Now more than ever Africa needs a steady supply of quality medicine. Not only does the continent bear the burden of 75 percent of the world’s HIV cases and 90 percent of deaths from malaria – it is also facing the spread of non-communicable diseases.
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March 6 2014 by Coordination Team
In some of the Amazon regions of Peru, it can take up to 10 hours of uncomfortable and expensive travel by boat to reach a hospital. But new technologies are bridging this physical gap and allowing even the most remote forest communities to access a doctor quickly.
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February 3 2014 by Coordination Team
During the European Development Days 2013, there was a strong focus on youth, as the event welcomed for the first time 12 youth ambassadors from around the world, three of whom were 18 or under. Each ambassador was selected to attend a high-level auditorium session where they were encouraged to join the debate by asking questions and sharing their thoughts. To launch Youth Week, two ambassadors, Esther Eshiet and Restanti Waruwu, share their views with on health and nutrition, and how these should be addressed in the post-2015 agenda. 
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May 31 2013 by Coordination Team
By training informal workers in the waste management industry, the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is helping to formalise waste management economy in Mali, and to generate incomes. 
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