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This topic covers a wide range of issues related to the EU commitment to protect and promote health as a human right for all in the frame of the EC external cooperation. Support to the building of competent health systems, accessibility to basic health services, equity and solidarity values are just some of the principles guiding this cooperation. Maternal and child mortality, the crisis of human resources in the health sector, poverty related diseases and other issues may be addresssed under this topic.

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March 6 2014 by Coordination Team
In some of the Amazon regions of Peru, it can take up to 10 hours of uncomfortable and expensive travel by boat to reach a hospital. But new technologies are bridging this physical gap and allowing even the most remote forest communities to access a doctor quickly.
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February 3 2014 by Coordination Team
During the European Development Days 2013, there was a strong focus on youth, as the event welcomed for the first time 12 youth ambassadors from around the world, three of whom were 18 or under. Each ambassador was selected to attend a high-level auditorium session where they were encouraged to join the debate by asking questions and sharing their thoughts. To launch Youth Week, two ambassadors, Esther Eshiet and Restanti Waruwu, share their views with on health and nutrition, and how these should be addressed in the post-2015 agenda. 
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May 31 2013 by Coordination Team
By training informal workers in the waste management industry, the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is helping to formalise waste management economy in Mali, and to generate incomes. 
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January 21 2013 by Coordination Team
On a recent trip to India, Renée Zandvliet, working with EuropeAid’s 'Civil Society and Local Authorities' unit, saw that civil society organisations (CSOs) often play a supportive role in improving the functioning and outreach of public health systems, as well as helping strengthen Human Resources for Health (HRH). As part of's CSOs in India Week, she shares her views.
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November 25 2011 by Coordination Team
The world passed a collective milestone in October when the planet’s human population topped 7 billion drawing some development professionals to consider the impact of such a large, and in the developing world, increasingly youthful population.
November 2 2011 by Coordination Team
The European Commission’s experience in the Philippines in recent years has been marked by strong country ownership of development programming and implementation. This hands-on approach has proved to be a decisive factor in achieving effective aid interventions and could offer lessons for other countries.
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September 2 2011 by Coordination Team
In Kenya, nearly 60% of Nairobi's population live in slums. In the Mukuru slum, in the East of Nairobi, an EU funded project is helping to improve the health status of residents through the provision of water and sanitation facilities.
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May 27 2011 by Coordination Team
While the world is making progress in preventing and treating AIDS, the needs of 90% of AIDS orphans are not being met. For charities and international organisations it is time to make these children a priority in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
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May 22 2011 by Coordination Team
Each year the small West African nation of Burkina Faso marks International Women’s Day with a public holiday and an information campaign to highlight a particular priority issue.
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February 21 2011 by Coordination Team
Check out the 2010 European Union Development Days' first e-magazine and revisit the highlights from last year’s international event.

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Posted November 21 2013 by Coordination Team
Earlier this month, EuropeAid's Deputy Director General Marcus Cornaro visited a number of projects funded by the European Commission in Fiji.  ...
Posted September 3 2013 by Coordination Team
In 2011, the EC and UNAIDS launched a capacity development project to improve the quality and effectiveness of technical support for AIDS responses...
Posted August 20 2012 by Coordination Team
Between September 3rd and 7th 2012, the Africa Regional Seminar for Health and Education will take place in Brussels. EC / EEAS staff members...

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