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Gender inequality and poverty are closely related. It is not just that women have lower incomes and are less wealthy; poverty in the narrow financial sense is compounded by women's lack of political power and unequal access to basic human rights; employment; information; social services; infrastructure; natural resources. The European Commission has a longstanding commitment to promoting gender equality in development cooperation.

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March 3 2015 by Coordination Team
Meet Judith Muntahli. She was born in 1977 in Ilenga, a village in the Isoka district of Muchinga Province in the far north of Zambia. She and her husband are subsistence farmers with nine children. During her first pregnancy, Judith (pictured below) was bitten by a snake. But by the time she got to the hospital, infection had set in and her leg had to be amputated. With no access to contraception, Judith carried nine more pregnancies on one leg using crutches. Sadly, her 10th child died when he was a month old. 
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July 8 2014 by Coordination Team
How can a simple bucket protect women and girls from sexual violence in the Central African Republic? For women talking to the International Rescue Committee, buckets are an essential part of the “dignity kits” they receive in displacement camps so they can avoid the perilous walk to communal bathrooms after dark.  
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June 24 2013 by Coordination Team
While 15 countries have legalised same-sex marriage, some amidst controversy, a new survey finds broader acceptance of homosexuality in the US, South America and Europe, and widespread rejection in Russia and Africa, as well as in parts of Asia and in predominantly Muslim nations.
Article relevant to the topics: Gender, Security, Justice & Human Rights
March 8 2013 by Coordination Team
In Ghana a 'Women's Manifesto', issued by civil society organisations (CSOs) in 2004, has created momentum and awareness around women's rights and gender equality. Almost 10 years after its adoption, the Manifesto continues to inspire and guide CSOs, particularly women's organisations, in their struggle to improve the lives of Ghanaian women and girls.
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March 5 2013 by Coordination Team
A second update of the European Union’s Plan of Action for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Development 2010-2015 was presented to the European Council in December, and shows that while progress has been made, important challenges persist. Jean Louis Ville, Head of Unit at EuropeAid’s Governance, Democracy, Gender and Human Rights, and Marina Marchetti, EuropeAid's Head of Sector for Gender and Non-Discrimination, provide their viewpoints on the results.
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November 13 2012 by Coordination Team
Participants at a high level panel discussion entitled, “Women Entrepreneurship to Reshape the Economy through Innovation in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA)” held during the 2012 European Development Days explored ways to increase women’s participation in the economy.
April 30 2012 by Coordination Team
The main afternoon session of the European Union’s recent Sustainable Energy for All Summit was dedicated to gender issues. Participants agreed that empowering women with access to sustainable, clean energy will open up a world of possibilities to benefit the entire population.
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January 27 2012 by Coordination Team
One year after the launch of the five-year European Union Plan of Action for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Development, the 2011 annual implementation report presented to the European Council showed that some steps have already been taken to improve the EU’s work with women and girls.
November 25 2011 by Coordination Team
The world passed a collective milestone in October when the planet’s human population topped 7 billion drawing some development professionals to consider the impact of such a large, and in the developing world, increasingly youthful population.
May 22 2011 by Coordination Team
Each year the small West African nation of Burkina Faso marks International Women’s Day with a public holiday and an information campaign to highlight a particular priority issue.
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