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Environment and ecosystem management are key to ensuring urban and rural development and progress towards the achievement of the MDGs. Poor communities directly depend on natural resources for their livelihood and are the most vulnerable to a degraded environment, natural disasters and are the first to suffer from polluted air, water and soil. Sound natural resource use is at the core of effective strategies to strengthen resilience to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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February 26 2014 by Coordination Team
In this week's Voices & Views Pavan Sukhdev, the founder of Green Initiatives for a Smart Tomorrow (GIST) Advisory speaks to about the economics of biodiversity. 
February 5 2014 by Coordination Team
At the European Development Days, several leading development and youth organisations came together to organise a session on Young Voices for Inclusive Governance. The panel included two young people, Luciano from Brazil and Jennifer from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who in this Voices & Views have shared their thoughts on why listening to the voice of today’s youth is important.
January 20 2014 by Coordination Team
The amount of investment needed in oil and gas or mining is set to climb, and the proportion destined for lower-income countries could significantly increase with the potential of lifting over 540 million people out of poverty before 2030, according to leading research group, McKinsey Global Institute.
January 8 2014 by Coordination Team
The Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Ibrahim Thiaw, reminds us  - as underlined at Rio+20 in 2012 - that the goals of the post-2015 development agenda need, at their very heart, to be sustainable. How can organisations like UNEP help to forge this into reality?  
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December 18 2013 by Coordination Team
The Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations, a unique, interdisciplinary research community chaired by former World Trade Organization head, Pascal Lamy, released their long anticipated “Now for the Long Term” report in October. It offers frank discussion on how to break gridlock on major global challenges. At the recent European DevDays, Lamy spoke with us about the report, offering a line of thought that may resonate in the upcoming debate on the post- Millennium Development Goals framework.
December 10 2013 by Coordination Team
There is much discussion in the development arena about the struggle ahead to feed the seven plus billion, of the methods proposed towards food security, building resilience, safeguarding water resources and so on. But few stop to ponder the basic ingredient in all of this: the very land under our feet, and the starting point of all agricultural productivity. At the European Development Days, EuropeAid hosted a Lab session dedicated to the relevance of soils in development policy, featuring the release earlier this year of the first Soil Atlas of Africa.
November 12 2013 by Coordination Team
The European Union’s Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) initiative calls on the involvement of civil society in the negotiation and implementation of their Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA) with timber exporting countries. But while getting a voice at the negotiating table is one thing, being able to contribute meaningfully during the full VPA process is another.
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October 28 2013 by Coordination Team
In the past year, the European Commission has taken solid steps towards mainstreaming green economy into its development cooperation. Cristiana Pasca-Palmer, Head of the Environment, Climate Change, Natural Resources and Water Unit at EuropeAid, outlines the policy bed, targets and main toolkits available to make green economy happen.
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October 22 2013 by Coordination Team
What support is there to help build national green economy strategies that will generate new jobs and skills, promote clean technologies, and reduce environmental risks and poverty? In the first of a two-part series on making green economy happen, this week’s ‘Voices & Views’ focuses on a UN initiative, The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), which responds to country-led demand for assistance in their efforts to make a just transition to green economy. 
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October 17 2013 by Coordination Team
The eco-village concept provides a community-led and owned model for green development, promoting food security, resilience and the ability to adapt to climate change. In a short period of time, EU-funded eco-village activities in Tanzania have shown strong results - for example, providing inspiration and support to more than 20,000 people on the island of Pemba, as they adapt to the changing environment.  
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