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Worldwide, access to electricity and sustainable energy services, policies and investments generate national economic growth, development and supports to poverty reduction. The EC’s contribution in developing countries includes:  the EU Energy Initiative; the Energy Facility for ACP; the introduction of modern renewable energy sources or mixing them up with the conventional sources,the development of networks and interconnections. 

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August 7 2015 by Coordination Team
Some people hope that a dream kitchen will make them happier. The life of one woman in Darfur has been transformed by a $100 gas stove.Cooking with a traditional, open stove made out of stones, the woman’s hands and feet always suffered cuts because of the need to collect firewood every day, said Muna Eltahir, Country Director for Sudan of Practical Action. During the long hours this required, the woman’s daughters had to stay home to take care of their younger siblings.
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January 10 2014 by Coordination Team
Young men are being passed over in favour of their aging grandmothers who are being selected to travel from far-flung villages across the world to India, where they receive innovative training as solar engineers.
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April 26 2013 by Coordination Team
In 2007 commercially viable quantities of oil and gas were discovered in Ghana. The estimated revenue of the oil reserves is about $1 billion per year (approximately EUR 768 million), which is similar to the amount of development assistance received by Ghana annually. As is often said, natural resources can be both a curse and a blessing. When managed well, they can boost development and foster economic growth. Oversight bodies such as parliaments, media and civil society organisations (CSOs) have a pivotal role to play in ensuring proper management of natural resources.
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February 8 2013 by Coordination Team
A European Union (EU) supported bio-fuel research centre reinforces the energy-capacities in West Africa, thanks to a unique partnership involving West African engineering school 2iE, a leading French research centre, local expertise and the sub-region's national electricity companies .
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February 5 2013 by Coordination Team
Coordination between policy makers and private partners is key to developing solar energy in Africa, said photovoltaic expert Michael Franz as he presented impressions and conclusions of his extensive work on the development of a solar energy market in Kenya at a recent conference in Brussels.
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August 8 2012 by Coordination Team
Per capita electricity consumption in Africa is well below the average for residents of the European Union but that doesn’t mean that the continent is short of sustainable power-generating potential, according to a report published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.
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May 14 2012 by Coordination Team
High-level representatives from governments, civil society, industry and various international bodies came together in April for a special Energy Summit in Brussels, where they presented their vision on how to achieve sustainable energy for all by 2030. Yet, many participants questioned how this initiative may be translated into concrete action on the ground, while highlighting some of the efforts from their organisations towards tackling energy poverty.
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April 30 2012 by Coordination Team
The main afternoon session of the European Union’s recent Sustainable Energy for All Summit was dedicated to gender issues. Participants agreed that empowering women with access to sustainable, clean energy will open up a world of possibilities to benefit the entire population.
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February 22 2012 by Coordination Team
With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, experts agree that the continuing trend towards urbanisation is both inevitable and irreversible. New EC guidelines propose a fresh mindset to assist the development of better cities.
February 21 2011 by Coordination Team
Check out the 2010 European Union Development Days' first e-magazine and revisit the highlights from last year’s international event.

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