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Creation of jobs and decent work together with extending coverage of social protection, vocational training provision and skills development in both formal sector and informal economy are essential for inclusive growth. Here we want to raise awareness and knowledge on the important role of employment, VET and social protection as key elements in the EU's development policy.

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February 17 2017 by Coordination Team
Joblessness is a longstanding challenge for South Africa where the unemployment rate is 26% - officially. Off the record it’s closer to 40%, according to Milly Chesire at the EU Delegation in Pretoria, and hits 70% among historically disadvantaged persons (HDPs). This group is made up of black South Africans, women and people with disabilities, and it is these people the EU is helping the South African government to reach with funding for small and medium-sized enterprises via the Risk Capital Facility. Capacity4dev visited Americandy, a confectionary business in Johannesburg, to see how it works.
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December 15 2016 by Coordination Team
After years of conflict and instability, impoverished Somalia faces a daunting list of development and security challenges. This arid country is vulnerable to famine and disease, the long coastline is a haven for pirates and the militant extremist group al-Shabab remains a potent threat. But when speaking to recently, Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Omar Arteh said the most pressing issue of all for his country is addressing the needs of the youth.
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December 9 2016 by Coordination Team
In much of the developed world, most work is formal – people pay taxes and social security contributions granting them access to health care, social benefits, and legal protection to enforce their workers’ rights. But in the developing world, informal work is the norm and protecting informal sector workers’ rights – whether that’s their right to fair pay and working conditions or protection from abusive labour practices – can be difficult.
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March 16 2016 by Coordination Team
Vocational Education and Training (VET) is an important tool for a country’s social and economic advancement. It offers an alternative educational path for youths and adults who wish to grow professionally, and at the same time provides qualified manpower needed across all sectors of the economy. 
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January 22 2016 by Coordination Team
The inclusion of disability in the Sustainable Development Goals is a breakthrough for the billion people around the world who experience some form of disability. Four-fifths live in developing countries, and although they are amongst the poorest, they often find their needs ignored by local governments and aid programmes alike. The challenge ahead for the EU and its partners is to bring the spirit of the SDGs into the detail of aid programming.
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November 19 2014 by Coordination Team
A study of five social protection projects in South Asia has found they struggled to create transformative change, and were unable to tackle the persistent discrimination driving poverty and social exclusion.
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June 13 2014 by Coordination Team
Despite its positive development over the last decade, Latin America still faces challenges in overcoming social inequality. To tackle these discrepancies the EU launched in 2005 a programme of cooperation with Latin American Countries: EUROsociAL.
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May 8 2014 by Coordination Team
The Chronic Poverty Report 2014-2015 initiates a new approach to tackling extreme poverty in developing countries, “shin[ing] a light on the millions of people worldwide who are thought to be living in chronic poverty”. Andrew Shepherd, Director of the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (CPAN) explained to the issues and challenges on the “road to zero extreme poverty”.
February 10 2014 by Coordination Team
In 2006 the Government of Bangladesh initiated a major overhaul of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Bangladesh, with support from the European Union. The project, implemented by the International Labour Office (ILO), has achieved a couple of ‘first’s’ in the country’s history: it has produced a National Skill Development Policy, a National Qualifications Framework, and it promotes social inclusion.
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January 20 2014 by Coordination Team
The amount of investment needed in oil and gas or mining is set to climb, and the proportion destined for lower-income countries could significantly increase with the potential of lifting over 540 million people out of poverty before 2030, according to leading research group, McKinsey Global Institute.

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