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This topic deals with general and transversal development policy issues such as the Agenda for Change, the MDGS and the Post-2015 global framework, or research for development. 

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February 24 2017 by Coordination Team
Herman Portocarero became the EU's first fully-fledged ambassador to Cuba in July 2012. In Havana he oversees development cooperation as well as political, trade and investment links. He spoke to Capacity4dev shortly before the EU and Cuba signed a Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, a new legal framework which aims to support the transition process of the Cuban economy and society. 
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December 19 2016 by Coordination Team
Haiti has struggled to recover from a devastating earthquake in 2010 which exacerbated existing development challenges. Ambassador Vincent Degert discusses how development and humanitarian actors are working together to build resilience on the island in the face of continued threats. He also outlines EU support for state-sector reform and capacity development in areas from infrastructure to education.
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December 1 2016 by Coordination Team
EU Ambassador Marjaana Sall shares her experience of managing a changing relationship with Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles, as the latter two graduate to middle and higher income status. She emphasises the importance of working together on issues including climate change and trade, and shares examples of successful EU-funded projects.
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November 22 2016 by Coordination Team
A lot has changed since the adoption of the 2005 European Consensus on Development and the European Union needs a new collective vision for development policy to respond to unprecedented challenges coming from climate change, rising inequality, irregular migration and global insecurity. The Commission has just adopted its proposal for a new EU Consensus for Development to deal with such challenges, consistent with the new global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promoting a new set of Sustainable Development Goals in favour of people, prosperity, planet, peace and partnership.
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November 17 2016 by Coordination Team
The role of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in tackling undernutrition has been on development and humanitarian professionals’ radar for more than two decades. Yet fully multi-sectoral approaches remain rare, despite undernutrition contributing to 860,000 preventable deaths a year in girls and boys under five. Ahead of World Toilet Day, marked each 19 November, experts and practitioners discuss how to turn this around by linking nutrition and WASH policies and implementation and overcoming barriers between sectors.
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November 11 2016 by Coordination Team
In recent years Brazil has filled the news, from hosting the World Cup and Olympic Games, to corruption scandals and most recently the President’s impeachment. Behind these events lies an upper middle income country that is still tackling basic development challenges from human rights to deforestation. João Gomes Cravinho, the European Union Ambassador to Brazil, explains how the delegation addresses these issues in a country where the traditional aid donor relationship no longer applies.
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September 23 2016 by Coordination Team
Gary Quince, who is nearing the end of his five years heading the EU Delegation to the African Union, shares his experiences and discusses the EU's support to the AU, touching on the gap between optimistic treaties and their implementation, joint programming and engaging with the private sector. 
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August 26 2016 by Coordination Team
Emerging from over two decades of conflict and instability, in May 2002 the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste became the 21st century’s first new sovereign state. Since then the country’s government – with assistance from the international community – has worked hard to lay the groundwork for development. In this month’s Views from the Field we hear from both the EU Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Sylvie Tabesse, and Hernâni Coelho, Timor-Leste’s Foreign Minister, as they discuss Timor-Leste’s successes and remaining challenges. 
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July 18 2016 by Coordination Team
Kristian Schmidt has been working as Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to Uganda for almost three years, following many issues including the 2016 elections. In this month’s Views from the Field he discusses the conflict context, and how Uganda has successfully handled an influx of 500,000 refugees from neighbouring countries.
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June 9 2016 by Coordination Team
Last October, Marcus Cornaro left the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) to take up a new post as Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation to South Africa. In this interview he shares some of the challenges of working in a graduating country and how South Africa can serve as an example to the region.
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