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Not a single low-income fragile or conflict-affected country has yet achieved a single MDG. The EU is increasingly addressing, through its development cooperation, the challenges posed by fragility and crisis. This trend is reflected not only in terms of very substantial funding, but also in the focus of recent EU development policies, such as Agenda for Change, and in the approaches adopted to match the specific needs of fragile partner countries and keep state-building as a central element.

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November 5 2014 by Coordination Team
Linking urgent humanitarian aid with long-term development assistance will be central to a first-of-its-kind Trust Fund organised by the European Commission to mobilise international donors in the Central African Republic (CAR).  
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September 17 2014 by Coordination Team
The European Union (EU) is the largest and most reliable donor to Palestine. Yet many people lack a deep understanding of the context in which the EU’s cooperation with Palestine operates and of the cooperation itself. As the situation in Gaza recently deteriorated, this is becoming of growing relevance. 
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November 21 2013 by Coordination Team
Eighteen self-declared ‘Fragile States’ have endorsed the New Deal, and its process is already being implemented in Timor Leste, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. On September 16th, at a conference in Brussels, the Somali Federal Government and international community endorsed the Somali New Deal Compact, with pledges of € 1.8 billion. EuropeAid’s Timothy Baines was instrumental in getting the Compact in place, and shares his insights.
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October 1 2013 by Coordination Team
Every day on the news we hear about the atrocities that are occurring in Syria or about the refugees who have fled to other countries. But what about the people left behind who are still living in the midst of a warzone? How do you maintain a daily routine in a conflict affected country? During a recent visit to Brussels, Alissar Chaker, the Deputy Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Syria, spoke to about what the UNDP is doing in Syria to alleviate socio-economic pressures in affected communities. 
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May 31 2013 by Coordination Team
By training informal workers in the waste management industry, the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is helping to formalise waste management economy in Mali, and to generate incomes. 
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May 17 2013 by Coordination Team
In Brussels on May 15th 2013, an international donor conference, organised by the European Union and France together with Mali and entitled “Together for a new Mali”, mobilised €3.25 billion of financial commitments and pledges for that country. looks at how it has been possible for the EU Delegation to Mali to continue to carry out development projects in the face of a security crisis.
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March 28 2013 by Coordination Team
By bringing top decision-makers from leading institutions, international development agencies and over 33 national governments affected by food insecurity to the table, and by setting up targets for the Post Millennium Development Goals, the SUN initiative is becoming a cornerstone in the fight to reduce hunger.
March 11 2013 by Coordination Team
A leading Afghanistan expert provided key advice related to aid delivery and institutional support in Afghanistan at a conference named “Corruption in Afghanistan: What do we know, how do we go forward?” held in Brussels at the end of last year.
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November 20 2012 by Coordination Team
At the recent EU Development Days, EuropeAid’s Director of Human and Society Development, Kristian Schmidt underlined that promoting the concept of Resilience will not only save lives, it will save money. But success for Resilience measures will involve bridging the gap between emergency response and long term development. The EC’s Humanitarian Aid department ECHO is taking steps towards this in Ethiopia.
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October 11 2012 by Coordination Team
Climate change and extreme weather, population growth, galloping urbanization and soil degradation impact the lives of an unprecedented number of people today. More communities are exposed to possible natural or economic disaster than ever before. Bolstering their ability to handle a shock and its consequences is the focus of an important EU Communication.
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Posted April 30 2014 by Coordination Team
In March 2014, the World Food Programme (WFP) and the European Commission launched a poster campaign to raise awareness on the Syria crisis. Posters...

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