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NEW: Training material on the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT


This training material can be used to inform about the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), FLEGT and related topics, such as legality, certification, verification, or chain of custody. It was created as a training of trainers to inform small and medium sized enterprises about the requirements of the EUTR, but can be adapted to different needs.

The training includes PowerPoint presentations, exercises, a glossary, link collection, agenda and manual.

In case you have questions or feedback, you are welcome to contact me under

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David SANMIGUEL (EC Staff member)
EASME.A.3.2 (European Institutions)

Thanks Anna to share this useful training material with the group. Please be aware than now there are more than 4 Monitoring Organisations recognised by the EC. Further information available at: and on general EUTR at:

GIZ (International Organisation)

Dear David, Thank you for this information. We will update the material accordingly. Best regards, Anna