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What Works Review of the Use of Evidence in DFID

An interesting post on the knowledge management group:

The What Works Review of the Use of Evidence in DFID was carried out by the What Works team in the Cabinet Office and the Evidence into Action team in DFID. This report gives an insight on how DFID deals with knowledge and more specifically the use of evidence in its external assitance operations.


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Excess production of foods: brings what - Positive or negative impact for farmers???

Recently in Bangladesh, some agricultural farmers showed their agitation against the government by through tons of paddy in the main road of capital city. The cause of their grief was that, they couldn’t make profit by selling paddy due to the high production costs and also excess production of paddy in this year. In last winter some vegetable farmers also through tons of tomato in the roads of several cities of Bangladesh due to same cause.

e-discussions on strengthening capacities and building effective institutions

ILO and UNDP coordinate the e-discussions on the Post-2015 Dialogue on strengthening capacities and building effective institutions. The e-discussion foresees 2 phases:

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CD e-learning course

CD e-learning course now accepting applicants for next session

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Without capacity, there is no development

IIEP/UNESCO undertook a wide range of studies to analyze the record of capacity development and to propose innovative and relevant policies and strategies.

10 key attributes of the technical assistance facility model

A short guide for programme designers published by the Guardian.

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e-Discussion on Capacity Development for Urban Management

Dear colleagues,

Special Issue on Leadership in Knowledge and Capacity Development in the Water Sector (and beyond)

File 22111
This special issue of Water Policy on Leadership in Knowledge and Capacity Development in the Water Sector was launched recently at the IWA Development Congress in Nairobi. 

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Capacity Development and Local Authorities

The three basic dimensions of CB of Local Authorities

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International Volunteer Day 2013: Celebrating volunteers as agents of change

Celebrating International Volunteer Day 2013

On International Volunteer Day, Thursday 5 December, we're celebrating volunteers as agents of change, highlighting the power of volunteering in the fight against poverty worldwide.

As a volunteer, local partner or supporter, you will know that volunteers create lasting change by working together through the exchange of skills and experience.

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Christopher MacCormac of the Asian Development Bank: interview transcript and power point presentation

Last month, Senior Advisor for Knowledge Enterprise at the Asian Development Bank, Chrisopher MacCormac visited DG DEVCO to share his experience of defining the ADB’s new Knowledge Management Directions and Action Plan 2013 -15, which extends across all aspects of institutional management, including Operations, Human Resources, Information and Communication management, as well as IT solutions.

Rapid Assessment Tool for Capacity Development: a feedback from Bolivia

The methodology developed for a Rapid Assessment tool for Capacity Development (RAC) has been piloted in Bolivia through a joint assessment exercise of the Delegation with a number of projects stakeholders. This experience has been very useful to test a tool that can effectively contribute to assess the "capacity development" outcomes of programmes and projects.

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Materials of the European Commission course on Capacity Development

Over the last two years the European Commission has delivered a training course on Capacity Development (CD) involving staff in Headquarter and EU Delegations and participants from development partners.

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Video interviews from participants at the LenCD Learning Event on Change Management and Making Reform Happen, in Brussels on June 20th

The Learning Network on Capacity Development, or LenCD , is a collection of people

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LenCD - Learning Network for Capacity Development

Have a look at the presentations and documents of the LenCD Brussels meeting from 20-21st June 2013, which are currently being uploaded on the LenCD website:

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Soon easier access to information and knowledge for half of the world population?

Will the "other 3 billion" project hold its promises ?

See various articles:

in french:

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Online course in Capacity Development

LenCD proudly announces that DiploFoundation is now accepting applications for a new online course in capacity development based on the LenCD Learning Package and developed with support from SDC, UNDP,  Learn4Dev, and LenCD.  The course is conducted online over a period of nine weeks, and is based on a collaborative approach to learning, involving a high level of interaction with lecturers, guest experts, and the other participants.  The course will be

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LenCD General Assembly 2013: Change Management and Making Reform Happen

LenCD, the Learning Network on Capacity Development, will host a Learning Event on Change Management and Making Reform Happen in Brussels, Belgium on June 20. The event will follow the theme of change management and making reform happen and will include the following presentations and workshops:

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Twinning, TAIEX and SIGMA Tools: Main Features

Hundreds of people in Europe and in its neighbourhood are involved with the planning and implementation of the three Institution Building instruments of the EC: the TAIEX, Twinning and SIGMA. In this video, Paolo M. Gozzi explains the main features of these tools. Mr. Gozzi is an Official of the Institution Building Unit of the European Commission.

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Sanjay Pradhan at TED

It is worth to visit this blog:

"An open model for international aid: Sanjay Pradhan at TEDGlobal 2012"

Not only, it is interesting to learn about Sanjay's fascinating history, but it is also encouraging to see that the link between knowledge and capacity development is promoted tirelessly by Sanjay.

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The European Commission's project RENAF/AFRETEP (African Renewable Energy Technology Platform) organised three workshops in Kampala (October 2011), Ouagadougou (November 2011) and Cape Town (February 2012).
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"Civil servants must seek to become digital natives...

...if they want to stay relevant."

That is the challenging title of an article published by the European Commission Director General for information society and media in the Guardian :

The article acknwoledges the limits of the ambition "..don't force social media on everyone..".

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DAC Peer Review (2012) of the development co-operation policies and programmes of the EU

The 2012 DAC’s Peer Review of the European Union, published on 25th April, notes that, since the last review 5 years ago, important steps have been taken in order to promote aid effectiveness, impact and coherence. Nevertheless, it also points out several challenges still ahead. 

Full report available here,3746,en_2649_34603_50149170_1_1_1_1,00.html

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