Call for proposals under Med Culture regional programme: Drama, Diversity and Development - street theatre to challenge discrimination:


A new EU-funded culture project, “Drama, Diversity and Development” (DDD), is looking to fund outstanding street theatre projects focusing on ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities (including refugees) in the southern Mediterranean partner countries, using street theatre as a tool to challenge discrimination against minorities. The deadline for applications is 1 September 2014.

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Drama, Diversity and Development is the first grant project in culture funded under the regional programme "Media and Culture for Development in the Southern Mediterranean Region Programme".

DDD then sub-grants to smaller projects, towards its aim of promoting diversity and challenging discrimination against minorities through theatre.
Stating that, “creativity is a powerful medium for expressing diverse realities and instigating positive social change”, the DDD project says that its call for proposals targets artists’ groups, civil society organizations and companies. It adds that street theatre is “a valuable channel of expression for minority rights, as well as a tool to encourage dialogue and reflection in communities and society at large.”
Selected projects, which will last 10 months, will receive funding of between €35,000 and €85,000 to cover up to 75% of their budget. The remaining 25% will need to be raised by the applicant as match funding.
Applicants should have substantial experience of running arts projects including performance projects, as well as a significant track record of work with and trust of the minority community featured in the project
The three-year DDD project aims to use local artists to promote diversity through theatre across the region, engaging all levels of society, including post performance debates between actors and public aiming to trigger dialogue about multiplicity, difference, discrimination, equality and justice.
As part of its activities, the project also plans to organise training events, commission a regional film, and open further calls for feasibility studies on remedies for cultural rights abuses, as well as advocacy projects on abuses of and increased respect for cultural rights.
Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean has been allocated a total budget of €17 million over a four-year period, of which €9 million is for the award of grants on a co-financing basis, and €8 million for one capacity-development mechanism on media (MedMedia) and one capacity development mechanism on culture (MedCulture). Specifically, the programme seeks to reinforce the role of media and culture as vectors for democratisation, and economic and social development for societies in the Southern Mediterranean. In the cultural field, it supports activities fostering cultural policy reform and reinforcing the capacity of cultural policy makers, as well as promoting investment and the development of cultural operators' business capabilities. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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Vizion (Private Sector)

it is my privilige to be allowed in this group. i am based in Guyana a country of under 800 000 persons. i believe that the only place you would find so rich a cultural diversity among so few people is at the UN headquarters,

this country is populated with people who have their origins in four continents. it has an equal distribution of three major religions who reside alongside each other without conflict. and there is more