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January 26 2015 by Coordination Team
Director General of DG DEVCO and Chair of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD), Fernando Frutuoso de Melo, opened the forum’s meeting in October last year by talking about the importance of 2015. "It is the end of the Millennium Development Goals, and a whole set of new, universal goals will be negotiated in the United Nations. It is also the year of the international climate negotiations in Paris, where hopefully a new consensus on combatting climate change will be reached. For that reason the European Union decided to follow your suggestion and have the first ever European year dedicated to international cooperation and development."
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January 23 2015 by Coordination Team
In 2014, experts working for the European Commission carried out a synthesis of budget support evaluations from seven different countries. “We have learned that the funds we provide don’t just go into a black hole,” said Jürgen Lovasz, Team Leader for Budget Support in the Evaluation unit at DEVCO. These funds have been used – as intended – to improve people’s livelihoods. 
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January 21 2015 by Coordination Team
When we talk about evaluation, we often focus on its approaches and methods, how to undertake an evaluation, and the report. This is all very good and useful, but it is not the whole story. Evaluation is essentially part of a wider process of learning.
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January 19 2015 by Coordination Team
Last summer, the European Union released an Evaluation policy for development cooperation. Entitled Evaluation Matters, it notably emphasizes the “Evaluation First principle” which means that good intervention and policy must always be based on robust evidence. Drafting this policy was “quite a learning experience as collectively we had to rethink how to work to ensure the purpose, objective and usefulness of evaluation can be better understood,” said Philippe Loop, Head of the Evaluation Unit for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO) at the European Commission.
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January 12 2015 by Coordination Team
Do citizens in Europe care about global issues? Can an engaging campaign or school activity change the way we think and behave? What is the difference between the demonstrable ‘outcome’ of a campaign or training and its tangible ‘impact’? And how does greater awareness of development improve national and European policies and outcomes in partner countries?
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