Public group: Disability and Development Network

Haiti - Toolkit for long term recovery (GPDD)



The Global Partnership on Disability and Development (GPDD) and allies are working together to raise awareness and contribute with useful information and tools in order to ensure that reconstruction efforts after Haiti earthquake involve people with disabilities during all stages and that all rebuilt and newly built infrastructure as well as medical, economic, educational and socio-economic services systems are fully accessible to and usable by people with disabilities.   

The members of the GPDD Working Group on Haiti Reconstruction created this tool in order to provide development partners, UN agencies, governments, and other stakeholders some useful and proactive planning strategies and tools to incorporate inclusive disaster recovery and reconstruction practices that benefit people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations.

Seven major thematic areas related to disability inclusive recovery and reconstruction were selected by the Working Group and developed as separate Power Point Presentations:

          Physical Environment (Chapter 1)

          Livelihood, Employment and Social Protection (Chapter 2)

          Transportation and Communication (Chapter 3)

          Education (Chapter 4)

          Health (Chapter 5)

          Capacity Building of Disabled People Organizations (DPOs) (Chapter 6)

          Organizational and Operational Issues (Chapter 7)

Please see the introduction and different chapters in separate annexes.