Public group: Culture in Development Cooperation

EU Delegations Seminar: Support to Democracy, Human Rights, Civil Society and Inclusive Growth through Cultural Stakeholders.


From 20/02/2014 14:00 to 21/02/2014 18:00


Management Centre Europe and Joseph II 54 Building Brussels

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A Joint Initiative

The first half day (20 February 2014 afternoon) is part of programme set for the Forum on Human Rights and Child Rights organized by Unit B1 for EU Delegations (18-21 February 2014) with participation of both audiences/ more than a hundred and twenty participants (subscribers to this seminar and subscribers to the Forum).  The location will be at the Human Rights Forum premises: Management Centre Europe (MCE), Rue de l'Aqueduc 118, 1050 Ixelles.

The next day, 21 February, will be located in another venue (Rue Joseph II 54, Room 00 Pilar Juarez Boal) and concentrate on other aspects of human development. Audience will be limited to syslog subscribers to this seminar.


Language:  English & French

Support to the seminar: English and French

Reference document: Study Report conducted by AETS


Target Audience

This seminar targets geographical coordinators, thematic experts, heads of operations and personnel managing and implementing programmes with potential to include cultural operators or/and integrate a cultural component, in particular in the domains ofhuman rights, governance and democracy; strengthening the rule of law, support to civil society, economic development, SME’s promotion, job creation by reinforcing cultural and creative industries and heritage sectors. 



The one and a half day aim to provide participants with:

- findings of the study conducted by AETS (Framework Contract 2011/281035/1): Study on projects using cultural expressions as a lever for employment, human rights, democracy and other human development areas;

- stakeholders’ presentation of best practice EU funded projects using culture at the service of overarching development goals in: 1) human rights and democracy; 2) growth and social inclusion; 3) other priorities such as health, education, gender, social inclusion, rural development, migration, etc.

- guidelines for the integration of a cultural dimension in future programmes within the framework given by the Agenda for Change;

-  tools to communicate and cooperate with local authorities and technical and financial partners in the elaboration of cooperation programmes integrating cultural sectors of activity and cultural expressions;

- update on EU programmes’ perspectives for 2014-2020;

- update on cooperation with DG EAC and UNESCO with regards to cultural cooperation;

- presentation/discussion/outcomes on IiP Culture, ACP Culture Plus and ENPI’ Culture and Media’ calls for proposals.



·          Study framework and outputs,

·          Reference to field projects and best practices,

·          Exchange of practical experiences,

·          Proposal and discussion of operational implementation modalities.


Expected Results

·         The study findings and recommendations are taken on board,

·         Knowledge on the contribution of cultural expressions and cultural operators to EU external cooperation priorities  is consolidated,

·         Participants acquire sufficient tools and know-how to integrate cultural sectors of activity in their future cooperation programmes.

This event is of the type External event.
This event is organised by: DEVCO Unit B4

Thematic: Culture; Date: 2014; EU Delegations Seminar: Brussels, 20-21 February 2014: M1. Study on projects using cultural expressions as a lever for employment, human rights, democracy...etc. (Part II), M1.1 Study on projects using cultural expressions as a lever for employment, human rights, democracy...etc. , M1.2 Reinforcing democracy and human rights through cultural stakeholders : the case of Israel and Palestine, M1.3 EU Support to cultural operators in Guinea Bissau. , M1.4 Operational Recommedations, M2 Update on on-going EU programmes including culture as a vector to reinforce democracy, M2.2 Update on on-going EU programmes: ENPI South 'Media and Culture', M2.3 Update on on-going EU programmes: Zimbabwe, M3. 2014-2020 Programming Perspectives, M4 Study on projects using cultural expressions as a lever for employment, human rights, democracy... etc. (Part II), M4.1 Good practices in the area of inclusive growth, M4.1.1 India: Ethno magic going global project, M4.3 Good Practices in other areas of development (health, education, rural development…), M4.3.1 Cinéma Numérique Ambulant (West and Central Africa), M4.3.2 Support to democracy, civil society and inclusive growth through cultural operators: the case of Haiti, M5. Update on EU programmes covering culture as a vector of social inclusion , M5.1 ENPI South, Programme ‘Media and Culture’, M5.2 ENPI East, Programme ‘Eastern Partnership for Culture’ top-up, M5.3 ACP, Programme ‘ACP Culture', M5.4 Egypt, Programme ‘Support to cultural diversity and creativity in Egypt’, M5.5 Algeria, Programme 'Support to the protection and promotion of Cultural Heritage', M5.6 Ethiopia, Programme ‘Promoting Heritage for Ethiopa’s Development’, M5.7 Tanzania, Programme 'Support to Culture in Tanzania - Cultural Heritage Protection’, M6. 2014-2020 perspectives;