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African Wildlife Conservation Strategy


An EU response to the African Wildlife Crisis

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DEVCO is developing a holistic strategy to plan its activities in support of African wildlife conservation for the next 10 years. A detailed document called "Larger than Elephants: Inputs for the design of an EU Strategic Approach to Wildlife Conservation in Africa" was recently produced. This technical document will form the basis of the EU activities in the area for the next 10 years. It details priorities in the following domains: site protection of 80 Key Landscapes for Conservation, local development projects in periphery, law enforcement and capacity-building of national services, fight against illegal trafficking.

The strategic approach developed herein is primarily targeted at the conservation of large functioning ecosystems or landscapes supporting key African wildlife populations. It contributes to wider goals of biodiversity conservation by, for example, protecting many small areas of outstanding importance to particular threatened taxa where those small areas fall within larger conservation landscapes. A secondary tactic supporting wider biodiversity goals is to make conservation funds available to agencies and projects protecting small important sites that cannot be contained in the large key landscapes identified.

The Strategic Approach to Wildlife Conservation in Africa is presented in six volumes as follows:

You can also download the full document.

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